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This outdoor motion sensing led light only works during the night (due to built in photo sensor) position near your rods and when you approach the light it will activate. Once the sensor stops detecting any motion the light will gently fade out.

The light is activated by a PIR Sensor which detects heat, so water movement, falling leaves etc. will not activate the light. The light can be rotated in any direction as full 360° rotation is possible. The main benefits the Ecopa-Ball offers a carp fisherman are listed below:
Light when & where you need it
Threading a boilie on a hair, approaching a run (clear rod illumination), setting up a new rig if you've snapped off in the night.

Landing a fish

Just swivel the ball to face the lake and you have the perfect light to land a fish

Unhooking your fish
Position correctly and you will be able rotate the Ecopa-Ball to give you adequate light to unhook your fish.
  Setting Hangers / Back leads
Clearly see your set up when you've recast at night for setting hangers and back leads

Added security

For those waters where you may be concerned about theft. As soon as anyone approaches your set up, the Ecopa-Ball will illuminate to let you know.

General torch

The ball part can simply be removed from it's housing to give you a torch, no more hunting around in the dark for your torch.
We are currently looking for tackle shops / representatives to stock and promote the
Ecopa-Ball. If you are interested please enquire through the contact us page of this site.