Installation Details Ecopa-Ball how to hang on bracket Ecopa-Ball how to hang on bracket
Ecopa-Ball mounting bracket

Wall Mounting
All mounting brackets and fixings shown on this page are supplied with each Ecopa-Ball. Don't use the rubber base when fixing the holder to to the wall with screws.

N.B When wall mounting always mount to a vertical wall

Ecopa-Ball how to pillar / pole details

Pillar / Pole Mounting
Attach with rubber base, wall mount bracket, and releasable tie wrap (see picture bottom right.

Acceptable pillar / pole diameter 2-23cm

If required / an option can screw bracket to pole or pillar

Above: How to mount to holder

Step one:
Sit the main body on the holder hook

Step two:
Push the body towards the holder till it locates with it's socket
Ecopa-Ball how to pole mount How to Pole mount
First push the holder into the rubber base. Thread the tie wrap through one side of the holder and back out the other. Rap band around the pole and through the band eyelet and pull tight.

Band is releasable so can be attached and detached as required
Ecopa-Ball how to free stand

Free Standing
Choose a flat area where the body will sit safely

The rubber base and holder are not required for free standing of the Ecopa-Ball

Ecopa-Ball Motion Activated Light Sensor
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